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Product Description


Pens are no doubt effective marketing tool for businesses. There are many reasons for that, some main reasons are pens are used in all types of businesses for writing. all offices use pen. A custom printed pen with your business details listed on it works better than anything else.

Pen is great gift for people working in office. Everyone someone uses your custom printed pen with your products and services listed once they need any of your products they will call you first above anyone else.

Pens are printed using screen printing and they can be printed in many different colours. Mainly businesses prefer just the logo and contact details printing on pen. but some times, people also want to print product lists that they sell. We can customize your pen’s printing in any ways.

Printroo can print starting from 250 pieces to as many pieces as you want with high quality printing at affordable prices. Free design and shipping in all over Australia and and New Zealand.


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