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Vinyl Lettering / Plottercutting

Product Description

Vinyl Lettering / Plottercutting

Plotter cutting or vinyl lettering in vinyl cut into the shape of letters or certain artwork. The vinyl is cut using plotter cutting machine which has ability to cut in exact precision and we can do smallest cutting of 2mm and big as you need. Plotter cutting vinyl is normally used for signage. to display on front door, or for wall decoration and etc,

Different types of vinyl are used for vinyl lettering, these are 3M vinyl available in many different colours, transparent or clear vinyl, reflective vinyl. reflective vinyl reflect light once it is focused on it. Plotter cutting works in very easy phenomena. where vinyl is cutting using cutting in specific shape. after cutting is done. excess or unwanted part is removed manually and an application (transparent ) in applied to stickers. you can pick the cut letters with application, apply them to required place, and peel away the carrying application. That way you get just the letters stick to black without any sticker background.

Vinyl lettering is widely used in car for decoration on cars, in offices, homes and more.

Printroo is an online printing company offering high quality printing of Plotter cutting at affordable prices. You can either give us your own design or can get your vinyl lettering designed by our talented and Innovative designers. We have friendly staff to help you 24/7 via email “”, phone call or chat support.



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