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Product Description

Posters Signs Printing

Posters and Signs are immense papers in big size; which have different messages printed on them. They are glued on walls on different places for advertisement purpose by many businesses and firms. Posters should be eye catching and attractive for fulfilling the task they are made for. We provide you with the facility to get your own striking posters and Signs printed in high quality and with fast turnaround time.

Printroo manufacture posters using high quality poster paper and card stocks which can include:

  • 150 GSM poster paper
  • 310 GSM poster card
  • 350 GSM poster card

28cm x 44cm, 30.5cm x 46cm, 46cm x 60cm and 56cm x 72cm are standard sizes we use to make posters and signs but they can also be ordered in custom measurements and we will make them just like you want. We use four colour printing to print all the contents like text and images on posters and Signs.

Printroo also offer Glow-In-Dark ink as well as Fluorescent posters printing. Posters are made attractive by using various finishes like standard gloss and aqueous (high gloss) finishes. We give you the choice to get your ordered posters printed with standard specs or you can also order them to be printed with custom specs.

Printroo offers high quality printing of Posters and Signs at affordable prices. You can either give us your own design or can get your Posters & Signs designed by our talented and Innovative designers. We Provide free shipping in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all over Australia and New Zealand.


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