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Envelops are used by all types of businesses for branding or personalization.


Product Description

Envelopes Printing

Envelops are used by all types of businesses for branding or personalization. Personalization means having their logos and details printed on custom or standard size envelops, instead of ordinary envelopes.

Envelopes are normally created in standard sizes for official use, standard sizes include A6, A7, No 10, No 9 furthermore you can customize these sizes. Envelops are made of paper or card stock most commonly used envelops paper is from 70GSM to 115GSM, Right material can be advised based on usage and durability requirements. Each envelop can be created using different flip styles which include Top Flip. Left Flip, Right Flip or Diagonal Envelops Styles. Postage envelops normally has a window on it which shows address information form the letter posted. Window envelopes are normally used by banks and can have one or two windows in required sizes. While ordering envelops you need to make sure to choose right type of product. We have Peel-n-Seal Envelops as well; those are conveniently pre-glued to seal them.

Envelops comes in two major types such as printed envelops as well as blank envelops. Custom printing on envelops gives you opportunity for branded envelops creation. There is another type of envelopes as well which is called Secretive Envelopes.

Secretive envelop has custom branded logo or content written inside the envelop for confidentiality or security purposes.

You can find prices for envelopes printing directly on our website, if you have any question about ordering or customization. Feel free to contact us via email “” call or 24/7 live chat. We Provide Free shipping in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or all over Australia and New Zealand.


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