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Decal Clings

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Decal Clings

Decal Clings and Sticker Clings are non adhesive decals which stick to glass wall or other material with air moisture in cold weather conditions. Decal Clings also known as Static Cling, because of this stickiness durability from static forces between cling material and water molecules of air. Printroo offer full color printing on decal clings, You can have your cling die cut in specific shapes if required. We offer both Mirror and straight printing on Cling material. If you are planning to have them applied from inside the store or car then you need mirror printing. We also offer writable finish on cling material to for product labeling or oil change labeling.

Printroo offers high quality printing of window and car Decal Clings at affordable prices. You can either give us your own design or can get your Static Cling designed by our talented, and Innovative designers.


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