Custom Packing Boxes

Custom Packing Boxes

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Custom Packing Boxes

Custom Packing Boxes are the boxes that are made up of Packing material, and are used to for packing and safety of products. Packing material is eco-friendly and that is why is widely used for many different purposes, Custom Packing Boxes are used for moving, product packing, fruits packing, custom items packing for shipping items and more.

Packing material has layer of corrugate tube sandwiched between either paper or card-stock. 115GSM paper or 260GSM card stock are normally used for covering. Further more Packing tube are either singly ply, double or triple ply and it’s usage is mainly based on how heavy the product is getting packing within that box.

The good part about Packing material is, that is 100% recyclable and is strong. We offer all types of Packing boxes manufacturing in all standard and custom sizes. If you need special effects printing, or custom sizes or products, you can contact us to know more about manufacturing.

We make all Packing material products such as, custom size or shape corrugated boxes, beer bottle boxes, Beer bottle carrier, Kraft card wrappers, Kraft boxes, Custom full colour printing and more.

Printroo is an online printing company offering high quality printing of Custom Packing Boxes at affordable prices. You can either give us your own design or can get your Corrugated boxes designed by our talented, and Innovative designers. We have friendly staff to help you 24/7 via email “”, phone call or chat support.



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