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Invoice / Carbonless Forms

Carbonless form/Invoice is made of different layers of carbon paper.


Product Description

Invoice and Carbonless Forms

Carbonless form/Invoice is made of different layers of carbon paper. Carbon paper transfer the impression of any writing on carbon sheet below the top sheet. Carbonless forms are mainly used for invoicing in bank or other companies.

Carbonless form/Invoice usually has 2 or 3 parts but it can also have more than 3 parts depending on requirement. The most common sizes in carbonless forms are A4, A5 & DL sizes but i can also be made in custom sizes. Carbonless forms come in different colours and normally different colour papers are used for each layer. Carbonless forms can be supplied loose or in the form on binding book / invoice book. Binding can either be glue or stapled. Type of binding id determined by on how Carbonless Form is going to be used. The edges of binding can be on different positions on the form but most common positions include top, right and left of form. Carbonless Forms can be printed in Black and White as well as in colour. Carbonless form/Invoice mostly comes in standard specifications but it can also be designed and manufactured according to custom specifications.

Printroo is an online printing company offering high quality printing of Carbonless forms at affordable prices. You can either give us your own design or can get your Carbonless form invoice book designed by our talented, and Innovative designers. We have friendly staff to help you 24/7 via email “”, phone call or chat support.


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